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Getting started with Non-fungible tokens in NFT Games
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Getting started with Non-fungible tokens in NFT Games

The world of cryptocurrencies has experienced a different innovation in non-fungible tokens, NFTs. The NFTs represents a set of non-replicable and unique digital assets among all the other qualities. This feature of non-replicability prompts many people to get serious about what blockchain technology using NFTs can achieve. 

Although we have often described NFTs as a form of digital art, they are more than simply expensive arts. But then, what are NFT tokens in games, and why do they have so much value? Moreover, how can you possibly create an NFT of your own or how to buy one if you intend to use it in NFT games?

What are Non-fungible tokens or NFTs?

First, a token is a digital unit in blockchain technology. Whereas fungibility refers to the ability of a currency to be interchangeable, meaning a dollar bill is not different in value from another dollar bill. So, suppose you are paying a vendor in a dollar bill. In that case, it has precisely the same value as the one the vendor uses to deliver the dispatch rider. In other words, the lack of uniqueness in what a dollar bill is makes it a fungible asset.

The opposite of what we just described is the non-fungible tokens we make trades on cryptocurrency platforms. These non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are unique and cannot be replicated to have different values. However, just as there is only one original Mona Lisa and thousands of copies, there is only one correct version of a particular NFT. 

The possibility of retaining the uniqueness of any copy of NFT you have lies in the unique identifier in blockchain technology. In other words, a digital asset can only produce one algorithmically distinct copy, and it is impossible to duplicate it. Also, the NFTs are verifiable through the same platform in an instant. This verification does not rely on any third party, as in the case of the Mona Lisa. 

Application or Uses of NFT Digital Art

Some of the most typical applications of NFTs are listed below for the reader to review and understand the value they represent.

NFT Games

Perhaps, one impactful application of NFT is in the revolutionary video games that have been widely used. Moreover, popular NFT video games have been highly profitable with investors who understand the dynamics of the crypto marketplace. The most profiting game companies are those who already exist in the market.

For instance, Blizzard’s World of Warcraft had an excellent chance to reward their loyal players with some rare items. learn more about Warcraft at https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/

After that, the players could trade any of these assets in real life for flat money. Moreover, the first most popular NFT game was the Axie Infinity. Users who once thought of it as a simple Pokemon-meets-Tamaguishi game now started purchasing game creatures known as Axies.

This unique creature fights with the other animals in the game. And when a player wins the combat with any AI creatures or other players, he earns tangible assets. Meanwhile, each of the creatures that a player uses has special abilities unique to them. On the other hand, the best NFT game players can also build axes and breed them into the character in their minds. 

NFTs for Music

Another way to enjoy the dynamics of the NFTs is in owning authentic versions of a music artist from an artist. Musical NFTs are often limited by different functions that showcase your passion for the particular artist’s song. In addition, it can showcase an exclusive membership to a fan club with special tickets to different classified categories.

Using NFTs for Music also ensures that the artist can easily bypass any third party that can otherwise use that opportunity to make money. At times, the third parties may include music studios, musical apps for live streaming, and free downloads. 

Therefore, only the artists and the designated listener with access to the NFT can access the song after payment. It may also involve granting access to their database where the artist can collect direct royalties from each person that got the right to the database. 

NFTs as in Digital Art

Seeing the NFTs as a form of digital art is not out of line. Therefore, the crypto artwork comes in limited versions of the set of digital artwork as valuable assets. Each collection may also comprise up to 10000 different pieces sold for a reasonable amount. A significant example of this type of NFT is the CryptoPunks which launches in 10,000 uniquely minted tokens as one set. 

Using NFTs as Profile Avatars 

Since one NFT is unique in its own sense, it is reasonable to think of it as a digital identity object. Remember that each one is also stored with a unique identifier in the blockchain wallet storage. The resultant effect is that we can have NFT pieces of crypto arts serving as profile photos or avatars in the real world. 

Moreover, when people buy physical objects and tag them with an avatar, it becomes peculiar to them and can showcase their identities. Some of the items that can fall into this category include wristwatches, tattoos, piercings, shoes, and other things. Each one will showcase the owner’s uniqueness if you add the avatar to them. 

Moreover, affluent people don’t mind flaunting their wealth daily, labeling each owned item with their signature. The NFT application as avatars makes that possible. Therefore the rich can now buy luxury goods, customized dresses, watches, and other unique brands and add their avatars. In the case of CryptoPunk, using it as your profile photo can be worthwhile since it is now worth several millions of dollars in value. 

NFT Collectibles

Collectibles are unique in their own way, and it is also a way to show how rich you are historical. For instance, one may commit to collecting sports cards like Gary Vaynerchuk does and loves to talk about. The future of the NFTs is limitless when we apply them to the saving of different collectible as in Baseball, Top Shots, and special awards.  Click here to learn more about Gary Vaynerchuck by clicking here.

However, collectible can work using NFT when these items are rare, limited, and unique in their own way. At the same time, prepare to pay the price of getting something special to only you. Another example is the baseball card that can become a tangible physical asset for an investor.