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Effects of Social Distancing on Clicgear Buggy demand

For a start, the Rovic and Clicgear buggy carts were voted number 1 and number 2 most-wanted carts in 2021 by MyGolfSpy. This fantastic recognition already sets these two brands at the peak of golf push carts to give an excellent experience while playing golf. Nevertheless, the journey of becoming the highest in-demand carts took nothing less than 15 solid years of continuous hard work to improve the brand.

Right from the invention of the 3-wheel golf push carts to the current 4-wheel carts with front alignment. The general style for the clicgear buggy is always straightforward, elegant, dependable and robust. Also, the brand built the business on a formidably large selection of buggies with beautiful accessories comprising 40 items. These items are customisable and add to the beauty and functionality of the golf push cart from the clicgear buggy brand.

Market Demand for Clicgear Buggy

Meanwhile, worldwide, the current market trend began to favour pushcarts due to social distancing to curb the coronavirus pandemic. By implication, the social distancing limits the number of people that could move on the golf course per time. As a result, golfers are compelled to shop more for pushcarts from retail stores. Similarly, many retailers are mobilising more supplies to meet the market demands for the product.

Consequently, the latest clicgear buggy price is now close to $400 from thelocalgolfer.com.au store. When golf courses began to implement the social distancing rule last March, countries worldwide responded by implementing appropriate adjustments. Meanwhile, before the time, golf buggies had an existing market, but that was not as wide as the growing acceptance following the pandemic.

How to Shop for a Clicgear Buggy in the Post-Covid Era

As soon as any golfer is ready to go for the best buggies in Australia, there are a few factors to consider. One is the ease of operation of the device, then the choice of an electric or motorised buggy. Of course, the price and affordability is also an excellent factor to consider while picking a buggy. The buggy may often contain an electric motor that relies on power from an inbuilt lithium battery, adding to its weight. Nevertheless, in all, the latest 4-wheel clicgear buggy model 8 a peculiar model to consider when picking the best buggies in Australia.

There are other essential features to consider when picking a buggy, especially from the clicgear buggy brand. It contains an advanced digital electronic and mechanical system of operation to the lockable controls. A Clicgear buggy stands out among many choices of golf buggies to buy. They also come with a lightweight and strength that makes them both easy to manoeuvre and strong enough to bear the weight of the golf bag.

When you get background information on the different models of the clicgear buggy this way, you may want to consider their unique features. For instance, the model 8 clicgear buggy has a 4XFold technology and a 4-wheel mobile system above the previous models with three wheels. On the other hand, the clicgear buggy 4.0, available in the localgolfer.com.au store, has a 3-wheel system in addition to other fascinating features. Depending on which of the models you prefer, you are sure going to have an excellent value for your investment and a unique golfing experience.

Below is a detailed description of the two samples models of the clicgear buggy stated above.

Comparing the Clicgear Buggy 4.0 and the Clicgear Buggy Model 8.0

The Clicgear Buggy 4.0 is a fantastic choice with modern features borne out of researched technology. It appears in attractive colours that include teal, soft pink, matte black, matte lime, mate blue, and army brown. Before releasing this model, there was a high expectation for the update on the then-dominant 3-wheel golf pushcart. Eventually, the wait was worth every minute of it because the model design did not disappoint.

One of the main features is a push design envelope containing an upper adjustable saddle and a revised lower saddle. It also has silicone straps instead of elastic ones amidst other fascinating features.  In addition to the main features, the clicgear buggy model 4.0 also comes with additional accessories that complement its use. Moreover, it permits colour customisation through the Trim and Wheel kits that are sold separately.

On the other hand, the clicgear buggy model 8.0 also has a unique design that has replaced a 3-wheels system with four wheels. Also, the 4XFOLD branded and patented technology creates a new perspective for the portability of the device. It allows golfers to have a smaller folded size for their buggies when there is little space to spare. In addition, the front wheels have a more expansive space for better stability.

Clicgear buggies represent a simple yet elegant model of buggies on sale in Australia. They have been optimised for stability and durability for a long time to come. Meanwhile, when you purchase the model 4.0 clicgear buggy, be sure to have an umbrella holder and a storage console at your disposal. The base also contains a storage net, a drink holder, and multiple accessory tabs for safekeeping different items while enjoying your game.

Furthermore, you can buy a brand new Clicgear Buggy Model 4.0 from thelocalgolfer.ocm.au for as low as $331.99 with limited stock. In terms of the payment plan, we support the use of Afterpay. Moreover, you can own the device by making 4-fortnight payments of $83.00 each. The amount becomes as simple as identifying what you want to buy, getting it through the unique payment plan, and owning it. The payment plan of choice now determines how you refund them with interest.

Standard features of the clicgear buggy model 4.0

  • Durable silicone straps
  • A lower saddle that has more front wheel clearance for use
  • An adjustable upper harness that is specifically designed for bag fitness
  • An umbrella tube strap that is easier to handle
  • A silicone scorecard and pencil holder in attachment

Standard features of the clicgear buggy model 8.0

  • A super compact storage system with a patented 4XFold technology
  • A massive scorecard console that also comes with a magnetic closure
  • Cup holder with four different accessory tabs
  • A new silicone bag with retention straps
  • A dual front wheel adjustment system that has a separate alignment
  • A dual brake system that includes a lower brake and a handbrake for more control on the pushcart
  • A highly durable system