Everything you need to know about skyweaver

Nowadays, kids and elders are looking for a way to make money. It is hard to combine having fun alongside making money in the olden days. Therefore, since the world is moving at a high speed of making money at all costs, developers also took it far to introduce the NFT gaming platform. Now, people don’t play the game for fun alone; people play games and earn from it. Have you heard about Skyweaver? Oh! It’s a card game. 

Skyweaver is an NFT game that is very interesting like sorare NFT Game. This unique game is browser-based, where one can own, trade, and gift out cards. It is a card game with a massive reward if played according to the rule. Are you a card game lover? Do you have a piece of background knowledge about a card game? What else are you waiting for? 

I will like to ask if you’ve heard about Skyweaver as a means of adding rewards to your fun. For those that love to play card games, this NFT game is what you should consider. Of course, it might sound new to you. Do not be afraid. This article is for you. It is meant to put you through all you ought to know about this NFT game. Here, I will explain to you in detail everything that will help you in playing this game successfully. I know some questions will cross your mind as you read this article. Please stay calm and pay rapt attention to what will be revealed to you here. 

However, this NFT game (skyweaver) is a card game, and you don’t need to be panic. It is not something so hard that one cannot achieve. The good news is that there are countless people out there that are already having fun playing this NFT game. They are not only having fun, but they are also making it in a big way. 

All you need to do is concentrate on the things that will be revealed here, and that’s all. I would like us to start this journey together with the features of skyweaver.

What are the features of skyweaver?

  • Various game modes: Skyweaver is one of the best NFT game cards that one can play on PCs and mobile devices. This unique NFT game consists of five different methods: tutorial, ranked, conquest, private, and practice. All these game modes help players to play very well and earn rewards. Furthermore, the player must choose the type of game for every game mode, either construction or discovery. Then, you can start playing the game. Therefore, one can play this unique NFT game for free. 
  • Card trading: Everyone loves to hear the details on how to trade or exchange their cards. But one important thing to consider is that the skyweaver NFT game has several cards displayed. Therefore, it is essential to know the kind of card you must win and the type of card you can trade with other players. There are cards with the purple frame, and there are cards of silver and gold. So, the cards with purple edges cannot be traded with another player. Please note that you must have opened a sequence wallet and linked it with your game. I will lay more emphasis on that. The cards that can be traded or exchanged with other players are in silver and gold color. What you want in exchange for those cards depends on you. That’s why it is non-fungible. 
  • Sequence wallet: Before starting the game, it is expedient to create a sequence wallet. A sequence wallet is like you want to open a bitcoin wallet in trading. And once you open your sequence wallet, ensure that you link it with your game. Linking your wallet with your game is very important because the silver and gold cards you can trade to earn money will be stored in that wallet. 

How to start playing this Skyweaver NFT game

The first step you need to take is downloading the Skyweaver’s App either on Google PlayStore or App Store. Ensure that you download the right App. Remember, I said earlier that you must have a sequence wallet. Open a sequence wallet and make sure you link your wallet with your game. After taking these two steps, the next thing to do is select your cards. There are options like strength, wisdom, heart, agility, and intellect.

Furthermore, you have to be very careful to choose the options you want. There are options on the App to ask you what you want to play. You will see suggestions like free-to-play, play-to-own, casual or competitive, dual-deck combinations, non-rotating cards, intuitive deck building, actual ownership, and cross-platform. You will choose the one you like.

What to do to play this NFT game successfully?

Of course, there is more to do. You need to take some time to understand the game, learn how the game works. Several people failed in this area. All they want to acquire is the reward. So they fail to do the needful. Do more research to know some other tips on how to play an outstanding game on skyweaver, learn more about it by clicking here

Also, don’t be scared of losing in the first instance. Don’t be panic. Stay calm! I will like to inform you that it is expedient for you to do a lot of practice. You can try it with free-to-play. Practice as much as possible. Furthermore, do not hesitate to ask questions from people around you that are already earning from playing this unique game. 

Then, try as much as possible to win the game.  I mean, do all that you can to ensure that a congratulatory message pops up on your screen. 

Finally, make sure you follow the rules of the game. Even if you develop a style to win, every technique or tactic you want to create must not violate the regulation of the game. If it does, then you are out automatically. I hope to receive a comment from you. And if there’s an area you want more clarification, do not hesitate to ask questions.