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Everything you need to know about sorare
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Everything you need to know about sorare

For football lovers, this is a great choice. Sorare is a soccer game that allows you to participate in football tournaments. Sorare is a blockchain fantasy football game where you can be compensated for building and setting up your team. Not only that, in Sorare, there will be chances to participate in virtual tournaments and trade virtual collectible cards. The first step you must not joke with if you want to join this game is to carefully select or pick your favorite team and get rewarded when your player performs wonderfully in real life.

Please permit me to briefly take you into the history of these unique new NFT games. Sorare was developed or created by Nicolas Julia and Adrien Montfort. The NFT game was released in 2019. However, Sorare’s genre is sports management games. This unique NFT game is a blockchain fantasy soccer game where players are compensated for setting up a team and allowing them to participate in virtual tournaments and trading virtual collectible cards. The limitation of this fantastic NFT game is that its cards are rare. You might want to know why? 

Why are sorare cards rare?

In sorare, all your playing cards are identified as NFTs. It means that only a constant, predetermined number of cards will ever exist for each player. Non-fungible tokens are tokens that one can use to signify the proprietorship of any object, from works of art to real estate and collectible cards. This kind of state-of-the-art know-how can give only one holder at a time the proprietorship of a specific item, both physical and computer-generated. This exceptional proof of identity is kept safe by countless podiums that support smart deals (digital contracts that exploit blockchain know-how to foil any alteration or forging of the proprietorship of an NFT). Learn more about starting NFT games at http://justengland.org/getting-started-with-non-fungible-tokens-in-nft-games/

NFT means non-fungible token. Non-fungible is a practical term used to label any object with no other simple counterparts. Vice versa, the so-called “fungible” objects are entirely defined by their fitting to a genus composed of many different things equivalent to each other. For instance, a simple yellow apple will be a fungible good concerning the multitude of other yellow apples acquired at the store. But the apple that drops on Newton’s head has no equal and will not be fungible with other yellow apples different from it. It will then obtain an exceptional value and exceptionality of its kind. 

Therefore, since there will be only a certain number of cards formed for every player, they will become more and more valuable according to their rarity and why, according to the passage of time. 

What are the features of sorare?

  1. Scout: explore football passion in the test. Sorare NFT games enable users to trade and connect with various other widely available players in the marketplace. As a player, you can search for players and connect with them. The purpose of doing this is to improve your performance. Therefore, one of the features of this unique NFT game is scouting.
  2. Digital cards: This NFT gaming provides collectible cards with diverse season limits. 
  3. Hassle-free squad: You will have the chance of making a pitch life history with this unique NTF game. The user is also allowed to choose his team and select players on the pitch. Not only that, you will have the ability to select your captain and every other thing that you need to put in place. Remember, I said earlier that you would be operating as the manager. So, you are the critical factor: the risk and the decision taker. 
  4. Ideal for online gameplay: If you are an online NFT gaming geek, trust me, sorare is the same game you need. We all love the football game, and it gets even better when zealous people come together to form the best imaginary team. Sorare NFT game lets you do that with the best podium that is uncommon and exceptional in each season. In this NFT game, you can associate easily and converse with different supporters, along with building a faultless team. Furthermore, you can make the right tactics to match the performances comparable to real life.
  5. Easily manage your squad: By forming your team, you can create the most reliable and trusted team that will play to earn NFT games—developing some of the best tactics and curating the most potent team for you. Furthermore, as a player, you will have the ability to manage your squad easily without any stress.
  6. Earn reward and prizes: There are numerous benefits in this NFT game (sorare). The players will have the opportunity to play a high-level NFT video game with experienced individuals. One can beat the best in the game by being in the game.
  7. Sorare allows users to connect on a big platform with a massive community of like-minded people. This game is the biggest platform for football lovers that want to enjoy playing the game. 

How to play Sorare?

To start playing sorare, the first thing to do is get your free cards by going through the registration process. You proceed to sign up for one of the available tournaments, then build a team that will challenge all other participants. 

After you have registered, you will be guided on the next step to take on the sorare website. Some of the things you will have to do during the registration process are; 

  • You will be the one to choose the name and the logo of a club
  • Join the league where your free players can participate and be compensated
  • You will need to choose three favorite clubs from which free players’ will be randomly drawn and assigned to you.
  • Compose your team

Ensure that you select the fit players and have been playing regularly. You need to be mindful of this because you will not be rewarded if you use players who are not on the team or who are always on the bench.


Dear reader, are you a football lover? And you’ve been looking forward to having fun in football games alongside seeing reward on time spent on such game? Then, sorare is what you need. Remember, you are free to drop your questions in the comment box.