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The Unique Benefits Of Each Golf Club Type
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The Best 5 Latest Golf Clubs of 2021

The manufacturing companies that produce Golf clubs ensure that new updates are available every year, mainly because they can improve the technologies. Therefore, later, there is a need to review some of the best golf clubs in the market and are well-rated by pro golfers. We may not just take the expert’s review on it. Still, we also have to analyze reviews by users over time compared to the previous version or models.

This hotlist of best golf clubs for the game is from multiple entries and golfer’s professional experience. It also contains one type of club but spans the putters, irons, drivers, and wedges that all pro golfers need to have. At the same time, feel free to try out some of the uncommon new models. You will find the comprehensive list below that categorizes the clubs by the best overall, the best complete set for starters, best driver, best hybrid, and the best putter.

The Best Overall – The Mizuno MP-20 Irons

This club is for a player who already has a flair for blade-style irons because it essentially accommodates all sorts of handicaps. This particular model is uncommon and has a set of nine different clubs, all with a copper underlay to enhance its softness when they touch the ball. Moreover, Mizuno has a company that has become synonymous with the production of blade-style iron golf clubs, which may be exclusive to experienced players. 

A complete set includes 2-iron and a pitching wedge. You need to know that Tiger Woods and Nick Faldo use the MP line, even though these clubs are not cheap. You may want to think about these irons as a combination of chrome and copper plating, a product of several decades of research to suit pro golf play. 

Best Full Set for Starters – Callaway Strata Set

While just picking up the game of golf, especially in 2021, you need to have an idea of the choice golf club set that is suitable for you. Indeed, that will be the Callaway Strata Set with a decent package of valuable collections of golf clubs for beginners. This set is not expensive at all as it brings together all the clubs that could otherwise be costly as individual items. It also adds a solid balls trike, but the club set may not be as durable for professional players. The idea is simply for starters who need the essential clubs to try their hands. 

The equipment can be very costly in golf, not to talk of the green fee for round 1 at the 19th hole bar if you miss a 3-foot putt on No 18. You will also enjoy this golf set because of its suitability for both male and female players and left and right-handed golfers. You will find a driver, 9-iron, 5-wood, 5-hybrid, 7-iron, putter, sand wedge inside the bag in the women’s strata. On the other hand, men’s strata replace a 5-wood with a 3-wood and 6-iron and 8-iron.

Best Driver Club – Ping G400 Driver

Generally, golfers love drivers, and that not only pertains to those who can use them ideally. So, in this category, the recommended best is the Ping G400 that can help you deliver extraordinary length of the drive over the golf course. This tool has a more forgiving face for mishits through the latest technology from the brand manufacturer. As expected, this club isn’t so cheap but has great value to those that know its worth.

Ping also leads in the category of the rear center of gravity golf clubs to retain a forward weightiness of these drivers for a better hit. More so, the Ping G400 has a sharp look that may not be conventional for drivers and come in both men’s and women’s styles. Its small raised area can also enhance the club speed while reducing air friction on the surface of the club. Feel free to pick the Ping G400, especially if you can afford it and you need to replace your current driver.

Best Club Wedge – Titleist Vokey SM7

One outstanding quality of this wedge is its design to save you many strokes through a high-end build of top quality. It has precise and firm control on the green. It also has an adjusted center of gravity to favor better use and maintain the same efficiency. However, this golf club is expensive and has several other choices that golfers may equally prefer. The Titleist Vokey SM7 is also ideal for professional control and fits nicely into your golf bag.

This wedge can also deliver great shots for professionals who don’t mind full or half swings and everything in-between. You can trust this wedge to make it possible to hit your best shot while having dynamic shapes at the back. The available loft is between 46 and 62 degrees, which is balanced for ball strike. Remember that if you chose a wedge with a low loft angle, you need to strike the ball at its lower surface.

Best Hybrid Club – Ping G400 Hybrid

Already, the Ping brand has won our hearts when it comes to club drivers, but it does more with the hybrid golf clubs. This brand stands out with its extra length, allowing golfers to keep more balance upwards and make a confident swing. Consequently, it can also handle virtually all kinds of lies and produce many improved performances on the golf course. On the other hand, it has an upper end that costs more than different hybrids in that category.

A hybrid club can actually replace what a long iron can do and perhaps do it better. Without a hybrid club in your bag, you’re not perfectly ready for the game. Another fantastic thing about using this particular hybrid club is the feedback you hear when you make the proper hit on the ball. At the same time, it adds to the speed that the club can produce. 


On a final note, you need to carefully select your choice clubs in 2021 from this hotlist. Mind you, the list already factors in different conditions that players may consider before making a purchase, such as the pricing, peculiarity, tech advancement, and others. We even balanced our perspective by adding at least a con for each type of golf club.