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The Unique Benefits Of Each Golf Club Type
Golf Clubs

The Unique Benefits Of Each Golf Club Type

As a golfer, whether you are playing for leisure or you are playing professionally, your golf club is your best friend on the course. And, if that is true, it is fair enough to say that a golf club is the most essential equipment in a typical golf bag. 

If you have the equipment you cannot without, don’t you think it’s ideal for getting more familiar with it? Of course, primarily if you aim to have a successful career in the future.

So, how much do you know about your gold club? 

Basically, what separates pros from amateurs is constant training; it’s better understanding how to use the golf club. Some golfers could not step up their game because they don’t know how to fully maximize the potency of their golf clubs. So, you may never unlock some level of performance until you have understood what your golf club can do for you.  click here to learn about The Best 5 Latest Golf Clubs of 2021.

If you want to start playing golf, they will tell you to get a good club. You cannot even step on the course if you are not holding one.  

So, why is the golf club so important? How does it benefit your game? I have written this article to provide direct answers to those questions.

Let’s learn about the different types of golf clubs and their benefits

The Drivers 

Drivers are also called woods. Drivers have the most significant clubhead in the bag, and they work best for long-distance shots. Since they can make the ball travel farther, golfers prefer to use them for initial trials. 

The driver’s face has the broadest hitting area if you compare it to the rest of the clubs. Club heads are available in different sizes. The most significant driver has a lead of 460cc, which is ideal for beginners. Meanwhile, experienced golfers can use a 440cc driver or less. Avoid buying a cheap golf driver if you want the best result.

Benefits of Drivers

  • Drivers help golfers to long-distance shots without putting in much effort. Because of its long length, the driver can make your ball fly many yards giving you an edge to get higher scores. If you want to make Par 4 shots, the driver is the best.
  • If you are a beginner, drivers will help to reduce your missing off-center shots. Nothing makes beginners happier than hitting their targets quickly. So, as you are learning the game, you already know what can help you build accuracy.
  • The driver also offers maximum distance and height with minimum sidespin to produce straighter shots on the course.

The Shaft 

The shaft is a tapered and cylindrical tube. It is usually made of two different materials – metal and graphite. The post is a vital golf club type because it directly connects a golfer’s hand with the clubhead.

The length of the shaft is not definite. It varies based on the golf club you installed it. The size of your post determines how distant your hand would be from the ball. If you take a critical look, you will discover that most of the longer clubs are made of a graphite shaft. 

When you rea selecting your shaft, you need to be conscious of your swing speed. This will be easier for you if you go through the fitting procedure while buying the golf club. However, if your swing speed falls between 85 – 100mph, you can go for a regular flex shaft.

The various letter for labeling shaft stiffness levels include:

  • L – stands for ladies.
  • M or A – stands for Seniors or Amateur 
  • R – stands for regulars
  • X – stands for extra stiff
  • S – stands for stiff 

Benefits of Shaft 

  • It provides the player with a way to generate centrifugal force to effectively strike the ball. When properly gripped, the player can hit more accurately while applying less pressure.  It is essential to get the correct fitting for you to see the results you want.

The Putters 

The putters are the most useful and are the critical gear in your bag. These are mainly used by players with an entirely accurate distance. This option is popular as it’s capable of giving straight putts.

Benefits of Putters 

  • For skilled and experienced golfers, a blade putter can be magical. It enables players from all skill levels to avoid any kind of mishits and get better shots. Besides, the Mallet putter is also more stable than the blade putter. 

The Irons 

Golf irons are capable of covering long, short, or midrange shots from the tee. Ideally, too, they’re available in sets of 6 to 8 individual gears. The typical pack contains 9-, 8-, 7-, 6-, 5-, 4- and 3-irons. Based on your weight requirements, there are different models. This includes Offset & draw-weighted Irons and Perimeter-weighted Irons.

Benefits of Irons 

  • An iron can basically hit from any hole or any short or mid-range shots. 
  • Skilled golfers can use these clubs to bend shots around obstacles.
  • Iron clubs generate an extra spin on the ball. More so, this feature is mainly because of these grooves. So, when you can take a spin on the ball, controlling the shot becomes easy.

The Hybrids

Hybrids can replace some of the more challenging long irons and replicate those distances. In addition, Hybrids may also be used to help increase your shot control without taking away distance or trajectory.

Benefits of Hybrids

  • With a hybrid club, you get a larger surface area. More so, this precisely translates to hitting the ball from the “sweet spot.”
  • You can tighten up your swing with the hybrid golf club. So, golfing in bunkers and forest-like places becomes easier.
  • It can upgrade your gameplay to a new level.

The Wedges 

The iron Wedges help produce shots of varying distances and get you out of difficult situations. You can use gap, sand, and lob wedges for short pitches from the driver’s fairway and getting out of sand traps, for example.

Golfers usually carry various wedges with different lofts and bounce angles for multiple distances and lie conditions.

Benefits of Wedges

  • As your ball lands on sand or a turf surface, wedges come into play. It has a unique feature known as ‘bounce.’ a higher bounce means the club will quickly bounce off the ground.